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The research based on AMUPS covers many aspects of Earth sciences, although other disciplines are warmly invited as well.   

The ongoing projects are:
- Landscape morphodynamics in the high Arctic - Billefjorden basin, Svalbard (RiS ID 4974)
- Dickson Land Ice Masses Evolution (RiS ID 4894)
- Reconstruction of recent transformations in the high-Arctic glacial landsystems (RiS ID 5919)
- Integrated Monitoring of Natural Environment at Adam Mickiewicz University Polar Station (RiS ID 10005)
- Development of fans in the Arctic: geomorphic variability and processes' dynamics as a paraglacial response to climate changes (RiS ID 10306)
- Aeolian and niveoaeolian accumulation in periglacial and glacial environments in central Spitsbergen (Ebba Valley) (RiS ID 10388) (Project site)


Projects realised in previous years:
- Cryosphere reactions against the background of environmental changes in contrasting high-Arctic conditions on Svalbard (RiS ID 6391) (Project site) years 2013-2016
- Matter circulation in the Arctic terrestrial-marine geoecosystem on the example of Billefjorden (RiS ID 2174) years 2001-2003 (PUBLICATION) (APPENDIX)
- Arctic soil development in proglacial zones and on marine terraces in Central Spitsbergen (RiS ID 6937) year 2014
- Functioning of contemporary geoecosystem in the region of Petunia Bay (Billefjorden, central Spitsbergen) (RiS ID 3054) years 2008-2010
- Paraglacial processes operationg on High Arctic coastal margins - Petuniabukta, Central Spitsbergen (RiS ID 3561) years 2008-2010
- Relief and vegetation dynamics in polar ecosystems (RiS ID 6018) years 2012-2013
- Arctic Shrubs Dendrochronological Potential (RiS ID 4269) years 2010-2013