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Welcome to the Adam Mickiewicz University Polar Station website.

Since 1984 Adam Mickiewicz University (AMU) in Poznan, Poland, has been conducting research in Petuniabukta area, Svalbard. Untill 2009, 14 expeditions were carried out and their members found their shelter in Skottehytta - an old wooden trapper cabin located on the eastern coast of Petuniabukta in Billefjorden.

Skottehytta, photo K. M. Różański

Since 2009 many efforts were made to establish an own station, especially by prof. Grzegorz Rachlewicz with help of prof. Andrzej Kostrzewski and prof. Marek Marciniak (all from Faculty of Geosciences AMU), with care of prof. Bronislaw Marciniak (rector of AMU). Finally, AMU and the Norwegian authorities agreed to build 2 cabins, 10 m sq. each, north from Skottehytta. 

Construction of the cabins was commisioned to 'Metalplast' (in Oborniki Wlkp): an experienced manufacturer who produced barracks for Polish Antarctic Station Arctowski (South Shetlands). On the 8th July 2011 a Polish ship MS Horyzont II, transporting pieces of the barracks (approx. 3 tonnes), reached Petuniabukta. 

Many people disinterestedly helped in the unload: the AMU team consisted only of 4 men and 2 women, all of them being researchers trying their luck at engineering. Thanks to colleagues from Horyzont II, Naviga, University of Gdansk, Maria Curie-Sklodowska University in Lublin, students from Maritime University in Gdynia and fair, warm weather, the disembarkation took only about 7 hours. 


AMUPS in 2014, photo T. Kurczaba

The building process was performed by the team of the 16th AMU Polar Expedition:

- Grzegorz Rachlewicz (leader)
- Agata Buchwal
- Marek Ewertowski
- Jakub 'Kuba' Malecki
- Krzysztof Rymer
- Aleksandra Tomczyk

Construction started on the 9th and finished on the 25th of July 2011. The new Adam Mickiewicz University Polar Station (AMUPS) was established approximately 400 m north from Skottehytta, making it the northernmost Polish research unit at 78°42,22' N and 16°36,14' E (1260 km from the North Pole).


AMUPS in 2015, photo K. Rymer


During the 20th AMU Polar Expedition, in the summer period 2015, Station has been moved to the western coast of Petunia Bay (78°41'09.1''N, 16°27'25.6''E). At the same time the usable area of AMUPS has doubled.